Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Happy Birthday Amelia

Just a little card design I did for my boyfriend's niece whose birthday it is on Friday! So Happy 7th Birthday Amelia! :)


  1. Very cute, I'm liking your new blogger header too :) I had the exact same problem with blogger editing my photos. This is because google accounts 'auto-enhance' images by default. If you go into your google+ settings, you should find an option to turn it off
    How's things going for you, Uni seems so far away now!

    1. Ahh thank you! Fixed it now! :) Things are ok thanks!I know I miss uni so much!! Not been able to do too much with illustration because I've not been well but I've finally got a little work area set up and I'm starting to get back into working now so hopefully things will get moving. I'm designing cards for a licensing agency too so I've got that to keep me busy! How about you? I was on your blog just the other day I'm literally in love with all your pictures!