Monday, 3 December 2012

One Last Page

One last book page for the book project! I would have liked at least another hour on this just to clean it up more and add bits and bobs but I don't have any more time so it'll have to do.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Another Book Page

Another quick page for the book project! I'm trying and trying to get better at putting text into pictures and stuff so this is a bit of practice really! I've cut out all the letters with my cutting machine then stenciled them sort of with paint and scanned them in. I'm slowly getting to grips with it!

Editorial Improvement?

My tutors didn't think my original illustration (bottom picture) worked because it didn't make sense that the hand was pointing which I agreed with, I just used it because it was the only picture I could find in the style I wanted, so I changed it to two hands holding lots of little trophies instead! I thiiiink it's better but we shall see!

Book Project Pages

My DPS and single page for the book project. Slightly worried the second one is a bit Disney-esque..but who doesn't love a bit of Disney? Other than that pretty pleased with these, might try and get another page done if I have time!