Sunday, 31 July 2016

Summer Update!

Hi all! As usual it's been a while so I just wanted to post a quick update about what's been going on!
I've been CRAZYYY busy with work! I've pretty much been working every minute of the day for the last 6 months or so which is why I've been so quiet on the social media front!
And because everything I'm working on isn't published yet, obviously I can't post any pictures for you to have a look at which is a bit rubbish but it's also very exciting for me to be working on some really fun projects! I do have one book that's coming out in August that I did the illustration work for so as soon as that is out I'll be doing a blog post about it! I'm also working on a couple of exciting projects with Scholastic at the minute but they aren't going to be published until 2017 so I can't show you any of that work for a while! But as soon as I can I'll do a post about all that work too! 
So in the mean time here are a couple of commission pieces and an updated profile pic I did for summer! 
I am sorry I can't show you anymore, but it will happen soon and I'm so excited for when I can share what I've been working on with you all!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Paper Dolls

I recently made some Paper Doll samples for my portfolio! Something I've never even thought about doing before but it was really fun, I especially loved coming up with the outfits for the medieval princess character! :)

Sunday, 20 March 2016

A Quick Pic!

Amidst the chaos that is my life at the minute, I managed to quickly draw this picture this week for the colour collective on twitter! Which if you haven't heard of it, you should go have a quick look, it's a lot of fun to get involved with and its open to anyone and everyone no matter what skill level! Just search #colour_collective on your twitter and you'll find it!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Some Sketches!

I've been crazy busy so far this year, I've had maybe 3 days off from working since new year and unfortunately everything I've been working on is stuff that I can't show you yet! :( BUT I have managed to sneak in a few sketches here and there between waiting for emails and stuff like that so here's a few of the successful ones! If anything I'm going to try and get a few of these done every month to post on here just to keep the blog posts coming! I'm really bad at updating on here!